Friday, March 2, 2012

MWC 2012: Viewsonic overview of dual SIM ViewPhone 4s

Most phones with two SIM slot is dedicated to developing countries, where they change operators depending on time of day to get the best price, and are not necessarily the highest quality. 

At the Mobile World Congress, Viewsonic has introduced a device designed for other users of these telephones, professionals who do not want the hassle of a personal device. The ViewPhone 4s is a dual SIM smartphone that has nothing to envy to the iPhone.

The comparison with the iPhone is also obvious: unlike most of Android smartphones that emphasize formats beyond 4 ", the ViewPhone 4s is" satisfied "with a 3.5" screen.

Apple: report of the meeting of shareholders

Apple on last 23rd held its annual meeting of shareholders. All members of the board (which is Tim Cook) were re-elected; Apple CEO received a score for his part Soviet, with 98% confidence votes. Shareholders have first obtained the members of this board are now elected only if they obtain a majority of votes. Otherwise, the person has to resign voluntarily.

Tim Cook began by recalling that this was the first meeting since the death of Steve Jobs: "There is not a day that goes by that I missing," and thanking the shareholders have expressed their condolences, he added that this sadness in him had turned into determination. He promised to pass that Apple was still working as hard and this year it will launch products that would make sense ("some products That Will Blow Your Mind").

Upgrade your Mac Mini 2011 for less

Apple has a nasty habit of charging very expensive options that can be added to the Mac: it is better to buy the basic configuration and spend a few minutes to assemble the additions that we will also be procured. This is particularly the case with the Mac mini, relatively modular machine: you can easily access the RAM, change its original hard drive without too much trouble and even add a second drive if one is handy. Is the game worth the candle?

SFR Mobile responds to Members

After these FREE mobile and France Telecom, it was the turn of the CEO of SFR go before the National Assembly Economic Committee. Frank Esser, Executive Director of the operator, responded to several questions from members on the redesign of the mobile landscape immediately after arrival. Example of why the expected arrivals - known - lower prices or free the three operators is not reflected in any way a punishment for any length of rope in their face be prohibited clients.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carbonite Review

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