Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Final Cut Pro X is not perfect Part.II

Another weakness pointed YakYakYak by this time, the fact that this new version is less able to communicate with other software on the market. It was so far strength of the solution from Apple. Some have already begun to exploit the breach; this is the case of Pro Export FCP that will export the AAF or OMF projects from Final Cut Pro X to the Pro Tools software.

We recently criticized the implementation of the Lion in full screen mode with Final Cut Pro X is the same? It is impossible to use the second monitor. It is too bad.

The list of accusations made in Final Cut Pro X is as long as a day without bread. Apple will address gaps through updates in a more or less near future, as support for multiple cameras. Contrary to what she was doing until now, Apple is committed to providing frequent updates and important software. The Apple brand is expected to propose one to two updates per year, while the renewal cycle was 18 months ago.

If Larry Jordan readily emphasizes the fact that Final Cut Pro 7 is not dead and still has a bright future (two to coexist is also not easy and requires a little planning as the Apple says this note), to him, Apple is right.

For all its faults, this new version meets the objectives that Apple had set. The performances are with go. The management of the 64 bits according to him should also solve many problems in everyday life.

With this release, Final Cut Pro does what it has to be done in the background and lets you work. The new interface, new editing tools or the keyboard shortcuts are generally very useful as long as you want to get used to.

Larry Jordan summed up the situation in one sentence: "If you're looking for speed and high quality image, you have a new love in your life." But love thrives on patience as much as desire.

And it may take a little time to make Final Cut Pro X forget his teething.

Final Cut Pro X is not perfect Part.I

Released yesterday, Final Cut Pro X was quick to get noticed and have been many comments and criticism from experts advised. If the software is Apple's top-selling on the Mac App Store (which is a small performance for an application that costs € 239.99), the changes it introduces are not necessarily unanimity.

On a smaller scale, the situation is comparable to iMovie '08, which was both handy for many things with its new interface and more limited in other respects than its predecessor. What could be annoying with iMovie, is probably much more with a professional tool.

There are first the compatibility issues. OpenCL using Final Cut Pro X does not work for example on a Mac Pro 2009 features an ATI Radeon HD 2600. As noted YakYakYak, to use the latest version of Apple software, you must have one of the following cards (or higher): GeForce 320M, GeForce 330M GT, GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9600M GT, GeForce 8600M GT GeForce GT 120, GeForce GT 130, GeForce GTX 285, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GS, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, Radeon HD 4670, Radeon HD 4850, Radeon HD 4870, Radeon HD 5670, Radeon HD 5750, Radeon HD 5770, Radeon HD 5870 or Intel Graphics HD 3000.

Some also had problems with their camcorder. Apple maintains a page listing all compatible devices.

Other issues that have thrown some users, there is the impossibility - for the moment at least - to import Final Cut Pro 7. A situation even more comical than Final Cut Pro X is perfectly capable of supporting projects iMovie.

Among the decisions made by Apple, there was the desire to integrate directly Color SoundTrack and Final Cut Pro X. Of course, Apple did not keep the full functionalities of both software.

Larry Jordan, who had already criticized the software before its, Says that these features will be sufficient in many users, but the expert regret certain absences as the ability to record multi track audio.

With this release, Apple is also pushing for a 100% digital workflow. It will not please some, but after all the logic of things. And that's probably why also the Cupertino Company has stopped the development of DVD Studio Pro.


Apple unafraid of, helping Facebook's Project Spartan

Techcrunch had announced last week the Spartan project, an ambitious project that could allow Apple to compete with Facebook and iOS leaving its own App Store in HTML 5. The site is back on this project, without giving details, but added interesting information about Apple.

According to the site, Apple is not afraid Spartan project, on the contrary. The company would provide technical assistance to the social network to help set up his shop dedicated to applications in HTML 5. Two reasons cited by TechCrunch: Apple is not afraid of Web applications offered by Facebook. According to MG Siegler, native applications are much better, and users will no doubt continue to choose them, at least in the majority. Otherwise, this platform encourages developers to abandon the Flash to create applications for Facebook, in favor of HTML 5. Technological change that is not displeasing to a company that puts itself before the HTML 5.

Remains that Apple underestimated the impact of a boutique Facebook beyond the control of the App Store, however, says TechCrunch, adding that the project Spartan is causing the delay of the application iPad. If its development has taken so long, it is precisely because the social network wants to make it compatible with Spartan.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New research in the iPad page with iOS 5

With iOS 5, Apple changed the presentation of research within a web page in Safari mobile iPad. Until then, it was necessary to enter the (s) term (s) sought (s) in the Google search box to initiate a search within a web page.

With iOS 5, a specific field was added above the keyboard of the iPad. It is not permanent, but only when the user performs a tap into the Google search box. The result is then directly highlighted, while the arrows to navigate between different occurrences.

This new format is valid only for the iPad. In IPhone or iPod touch, always type the query in the box dedicated to the search engine and scroll down the results to initiate a search in a page.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPad for American Airlines pilots

American Airlines, the third large company in the world (612 aircraft), decided to follow Alaska Airlines and replace paper manuals drivers by iPad. The change would allow the company to save $ 1.2 million per year simply by gasoline, manual paper weighing at least 15 kg. Initially, the device will be tested on two flights between Los Angeles and Tokyo and Los Angeles and Shanghai. The iPad was declared by the U.S. administration as an electronic device used during takeoff and landing, the sine qua non for the replacement of paper manuals.

If the drivers are entitled to an iPad, American Airlines customers will have their side of the Galaxy Tab, at least those who travel first class or business. The company has signed a partnership with Samsung to provide its customers 6000 tablets Android. The latest Galaxy Tab 10 inches were chosen to accompany some flights to the United States and around the world. Boeing equipped with multiple shelves also offer Wi-Fi, what casual browsing on the shelf during the flight. The tablets will be specific, we assume that the system will be crippled and we know that Samsung will load videos in HD.