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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Apple iOS 11.3 Update – What to Expect from the Major Upgrade


Apple iOS 11.3 Finally Comes to the iPhone Today

iOS updates are both a time of rejoice and suspicion for the iPhone all over the world alike. The last major iOS update didn't went well with the users as Apple got embroiled in the controversy of slowing down the iPhone devices deliberately which didn't even came to notice for almost a year until a clever tech enthusiast blew the lid for Apple. iOS 11.3 promises more new features like every other major update but this time around Apple is looking forward to enhance the battery performance.

iOS 11.3 release date is just round the corner

Apple will be releasing the iOS 11.3 update on Tuesday March 27 on global scale. It will be made available on the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch. The best thing about the release date of iOS 11.3 is that it is carefully planned to coincide with the "Let’s Take A Field Trip Event" where industry experts speculate that Apple will be launching first ever Budget iPad variant.

iOS 11.3 will also offers a new set of emoji along with an a unique option which allows users to boost teh iPhone performance to the next level. Now users will be able to fasten the performance of the iPhone in order to job done quickly than earlier by giving a simple tap on this every exquisite option.

Better performing Health app

iOS 11.3 version will boost the capability of the Apple Health app by allowing users to look through their medical records on the go. However the medical records availability is dependent on whether your medical institution is a partner of the ‘Apple Health’. In order to keep the user data secure Apple is encrypting the data with a passcode.

New AR experience for everyone

With iOS 11.3 is bringing the Augmented Reality features baked into its varied range of devices. Virtual Reality needs specific headgear in order to enjoy and interact with the virtual images but AR doesn't require any additional equipment. Rather users can enjoy the computer generated images on their real surroundings using the phone's camera.

The latest iOS 11.3 update will allow iPhone camera to recognize as well as virtual objects right on the vertical objects present in the real world like doors and walls. Secondly Apple has made some serious development in the recent times which allows iPhone to recognize 2D objects with greater perfection.

Keen to reduce the battery woes

Apple is finally doing something about the battery issue which plagues the iPhone for a really long time with iOS 11.3 update. Now iOS users will be able see their battery health and receive suggestion to improve the battery performance. iOS 11.3 will also give some genuine advice about taking the battery for service at Apple Store.

In order to make use of these features users are simply required to go to the Settings followed by selecting the option “Battery on an iPhone 6 or later”. Users can even check whether the iPhone’s power management feature is activated or not with the iOS 11.3 update.

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Cool Stuff in iOS 11.3

The iOS 11.3 beta version has just been released recently with a lot of cool stuff for developers to check out. No one expected the .3 version of the OS to contain a lot of improvements to the overall OS. Besides the smoothing up of edges and giving everything a more polished feel, Apple has also gone the extra step in introducing a lot more features than before in iOS 11.3.

Besides the basic fixes and patches, Apple has also introduced a new animoji, a fix for that battery fiasco and AR upgrades. Apple iOS 11.3 will be available for iPhone 5 and upwards.

That Battery Fiasco and iOS 11.3: 

So a while back Apple had to disclose a feature that makes your IPhone’s processing slower due to an ageing battery, Apple had to apologize for secretly doing this and now has released a way to take control of your own battery through iOS 11.3.

As of iOS 11.3 you can switch off this battery feature or check out your battery’s health by going to Settings>Battery. With iOS 11.3 your IPhone will inform you if you need a battery swap and for a limited period only, and by that I mean a year, you can get a battery swap at just $29.

Adding more to AR with iOS 11.3: 

Although Apple’s ARKit can do a lot, it still had some limitations in that you couldn’t add stuff in vertical terms. You could add for example a sofa against a wall but you couldn’t stand a cabinet against the wall.

Now all that is changed in iOS 11.3. The newer version of iOS can not only recognize vertical spaces but also oddly shaped items as well. Besides this, the ARKit can now also recognize pictures or posters and give out AR content.

More Animojis and iOS 11.3: 

Users with an IPhone X may be aware of animojis, the floating avatar that you can control with your face when you want to send those emotion filled messages.

With iOS 11.3, Apple has added a few more to the floating avatar group, namely a dragon, a skull, a lion and a bear.

Once deleted Stays Deleted in iOS 11.3: 

In iOS 11.3 you can now read and delete your messages from any Apple device and what’s more is that if you delete a message from your laptop then it will be deleted across all other Apple devices as well.

Introducing business chat in iOS 11.3: 

iOS 11.3 is also introducing business chat where you can chat with businesses on business chat instead of phoning them or looking them up online for any enquiries. You can even stop chats whenever you like and you don’t even have to send your personal info to them.

All your medical records in one place: 

Visiting a number of doctors and hospitals all requires you to make several folders and whats more is that you have to lug these medical files to every doctor visit you make. With iOS 11.3 all that is in the past with all your medical files stored in one location.