Monday, August 11, 2014

Get a Best Online Shopping Experience!

Platform at DealGuru / Askme Bazaar Deals with Sellers

With the entry of the internet, several activities have been improved which are a lot quicker and easier. Service providers have been rendering great services to consumers which tend to be easy and comfortable when it comes to shopping online. One will find a variety of products that are made available at askme bazaar which are presently operating with over 1000 and above,live dealswith more the 900 plus sellers.

This platform has been created at DealGuru which helps sellers in liquating any excess inventory and AskmeBazaar team is the one dealing with sellers all across the country providing consumers with products at discounted prices. DealGuru and AskmeBazaar are correlated wherein AskmeBazar does the task of requesting sample products from the reputed sellers, does a review on them and then identifies a suitable rate for the product which needs to be confirmed by the seller and then it goes live on DealGuru.

All the contents and the images is carried out by AskmeBazaar on all the products while DealGuru does the task of generating orders and ensures the delivery of the products to the respective consumers. This is followed by a confirmation call which is done to the buyer once the delivery is done from their end.

List of Endless Products 

The categories of the products that are made available at the site are Apparel and fashion accessories, automobile accessories, art and decorative items, cosmetic and perfumes computer and peripherals, furnishing, furniture, home and kitchen appliances, watches, eye wear and much more products. Consumers are provided with the opportunity of viewing the product from multiple stores before they can indulge in the purchase of any of the products that are listed at the site and are offered at great prices.

These offers with attractive rates could be very beneficial to the consumers while they last.User also have the option of navigating through the search engine in locating products of their choice and also get to know on the products by going through the details and specifications that are made available at the site for the benefit of the consumers.On delivery of the products, the amount which has been agreed upon with regards to charges and commissions is then transferred to the seller after the necessary deductions are made. 

AskmeBazaar Guarantees Purchases – Getit Trust Seal

Besides this, AskmeBazaar also undertakes the process return request if the need arises for the same. AskmeBazaar also guarantees all their purchases done with their unique getit trust seal, enabling user ratings on products as well as sellers. Shopping at askme bazaar is easy and also economical wherein consumers are provided with the opportunity of making purchases on the products of their choice while at the same time they are offered below the marked price.

Besides this, the shopping expedition is comfortable since the need to venture out and locate product does not arise and this activity can be done through a computer, laptop or the mobile device with internet connectivity wherein on following the required procedure of shopping and payment process, the order is then delivered to the desired destination of the consumer.

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